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An incomplete customer or prospect database is every marketer's nightmare. Our data refining services help marketers to add the relevant and accurate contact details into their database. Our refining services give you the edge to do business risk-free and with high response and sales rates.

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Why choose us for data refining?

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Prospector Size:
Have a huge master database to match your database and add the missing details.

Source of compilation:
Master database is compiled from the most authentic and genuine sources like: Our business partners' authentic websites, public directory and white pages, newspaper and magazine subscriptions, surveys, etc.

Match rates:
Assure 85% for B2B and 65% for B2C data refine.

Free Refine test:
Match your sample database (50 contacts) and add the missing details for free. If satisfied, you can send your complete database.

Pay for deliverables:
Pay only for those records that are relevant and have given their consent. Pay only for those records that are relevant and have given their consent.

Data you provide will not be transferred to outside source.

Fast process:
Process will take 7-15 days (including time required to remove the opt outs) depending on the size of the database.

If you get any hard bounces in the guaranteed tenure we are going to replace it with other contacts, free of cost.

Each added contact will come with the information on which date and time the contact opted in. This is to avoid any legal issues.

Free opt-in emails:
Welcome emails and processing of opt out requests are handled by us free of cost.

Follow ups:
24/7 assistance before and after the data refine process is done.

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