Data Refine Process

A complete database gives marketers the tool to explore each marketing channel and build strong customer relationships and improve sales. We handle the entire data refining process. No step is performed by a third party service provider. Hence, your data is completely secure with us.

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Our data refine process has six major steps:

Data Refine Process

Receive client's database (with missing details) in any format, the experts at our end will change it to the required format.

Match it with our master database for each field and add the missing details.

Remove the names mentioned in 'Do not Email' list. All the records are verified over phone and email to ensure accuracy.

The welcome email with unsubscribe link are sent to all the new appended addresses mentioning that the client wishes to communicate for promotional offers.

The opt out request are managed by removing their name from the database

The final database is converted to the requested format and sent to the client.

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