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Who is Australian Lists?

Australian Lists is a leading online marketing solutions company in Australia. We help businesses acquire new customers and retain them with our high-quality marketing lists and lead generation services. Our aim is to provide comprehensive online marketing solutions and enable growth of our clients and help them take their business to the next level. For more information about our services, please visit our ?about us? page.

How can you help me with database marketing?

Our high-quality comprehensive databases help businesses acquire customers in Australia. Our data lists are replete with important information such as name, email address, fax number, phone number, postal address and more for the convenience of our clients. This is surely your one-stop solution for all your database marketing needs within Australia.

How genuine is your data?

We compile data through intense research from trusted sources. We refer government archives, research papers, trade shows, postal Service information, bankruptcy filing, yellow pages, magazine subscription, etc while collecting data. Every detail of the data collected is screened and verified before finally adding to the repository.

How can you help me with database marketing?

Our marketing campaigns are designed to give you fast response and quick leads. Our experts design campaigns keeping in mind your current business requirements and what you want to aim for in the future. Besides, we would also help you in striking the personal chord with your prospects with our personalized campaigns.

What is the deliverability rate of B2B emails?

Our comprehensive lists have high deliverability rates and rare chances of bouncing back. As the lists are fresh and up-to-date, they hit the right inboxes instantly. The deliverability rate of emails with our B2B lists is 75% and more.

What other data and campaign supporting services do you offer?

Apart from comprehensive online marketing solutions, we offer:

  • Segmented Australian databases
  • Complete lead generation & nurturing services
  • Data refining services
  • Online marketing consultation
  • Customized Australian databases

How fast will I get results from your marketing lists?

Online marketing is fast and has a quick turn-around time. With our robust and complete marketing lists, you will get fast responses and leads from your marketing campaigns.

How can I create customized campaigns for my privileged customers?

We build marketing campaigns for you keeping your business requirements. So, catering to your special customers will be easier for you. Our experts will get in touch with you to formulate special strategies that can be incorporated in the campaigns to make it more personalized and effective for your special customers.

How can you make my existing list more useful?

We offer end-to-end data refining services to make your lists more complete. We can help you get rid of the obsolete data and add updated info to your lists. Our customer support executives will then take care to follow up with you after the refined lists are delivered.

How fast can you deliver databases to me?

We deliver ready databases within 48 hours or less. In case you need a customized database, the delivery would depend entirely on the complexity and volume of the database requirement.

How much do you charge for your databases?

The prices of our databases vary depending on their category and complexity. Please contact our representative if you need a quote.